New publication printed!



Today the IN TIMES OF CORONA publication was printed at Zwaan Printmedia. It is going to be a very nice and special little booklet.



in times of corona

48 pages, softcover, 20,6×17,0cm

with photographs made in the hague, the netherlands and screenshots of #corona images made from instagram and linkedin

made between march and july 2020

#corona images courtesy of negar_ezazi, speedsterden, thalia,delmar, genrique casinhas, danielfonsecabb, thesoboguys, _solomonrajput_, yajatdhingraa, dadocesaro,schwanmg, attaloskangal7 / attalos çiftliği, jasmin_azimitehrani, mahasabek, kifah.ballani, yiltaygunay, schweereelos, merelbem, interior_deco_passion, calamarjo, hindustan times, klm cargo, meghann_gj, makeupbyomz, covid19animals, earthunaltered

design and lithography
 by welmer keesmaat | context – creative studio

printed by 
zwaan printmedia

200 – first 55 copies are signed and contain an inktjet print on epson archival luster paper


made possible by Stroom Den Haag, Mondriaan Fund and the Shareholders