Four years of Working Grant Proven Talent

The past four years my work was supported by a Working Grant Proven Talent from Mondriaan Fund (now this grant is called Artist Basic).
I am incredibly grateful for the confidence Mondriaan Fund showed in my work and the opportunities this created for me.

Others who supported and keep on supporting my work in various ways are Stroom Den Haag, Kingdom of the Netherlands (the embassy in Tokyo that is, for OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE, my collaboration with Shinji Otani), the art collection of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Teylers Museum, Het Nationale Theater, The Shareholders, Panasonic Lumix, MWee Design, Welmer Keesmaat | Context creative studio and my AI and data science partner Robin van Emden | Scailable.

Thanks to all of them and all others who support my work.

Click on the image below for a visual summary.