Curator Mayssa Fattouh visits from Doha

Today curator Mayssa Fattouh visited my studio via Stroom Den Haag’s visitors programme. Mayssa Fattouh is a Doha based independent curator and co-founder of “Tandem Works”, a social practice initiative based in Beirut. She is the former artistic director and curator of the Katara Art Center, Qatar and program and curatorial manager at Al Riwaq Gallery in Bahrain.
We spoke about how memory plays a central role in my body of work and how this relates to what role the concept of memory plays in gulf states. It is interesting to get to hear about eastern ways of communicating stories. She spoke about how events, stories and memories are traditionally being passed on orally and how there is not a long history of written text. The hour was too short, I would have liked to hear much more on these topics.

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