Eerst Zien dan Geloven


ProjectEerst Zien Dan Geloven
Commissioned byHet Nationale Theater
Role Artist
Output Exhibition
Related projects The Bubble

This photo series and audio visual installation were commissioned by Het Nationale Theater as part of the theater project Eerst Zien Dan Geloven.

For the commission Johan Nieuwenhuize photographed in three places of worship in The Hague; a church, a Hindu temple and a synagogue.
He also made audio recordings that were processed into a soundscape in collaboration with sound artist Eric Magnée.

In the installation, stop-motion films, abstract photos and close-up shots of the various places of worship can be seen side by side in random order and at varying paces. In this way the viewer is confronted with new combinations ongoingly and can make new connections. It is often unclear which photo belongs to which prayer house, therefor the viewer is more or less thrown back on themselves.

The installation was used as the backdrop for the final performance of the project and was also on display as an exhibition.