Extended Memory


ProjectExtended Memory
Year2016 - 2018
Role Artist
Output Exhibition
Related projects The Bubble


“Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin?…We propose to pursue… an active externalism, based on the active role of the environment in driving cognitive processes.”

— Andy Clark and David Chalmers,
The Extended Mind, January 1988

Extended Memory consists of a visual memory of 1000+ photographs presented in different shapes and forms, like exhibitions and videoworks.

For Extended Memory Johan Nieuwenhuize takes the so-called “extended mind thesis” as point of departure. This thesis by the philosophers Andy Clark and David Chalmers states that we are inclined to offload our memories onto objects: our minds can outsource some of the work of remembering to the objects that surround us. Each object could potentially substitute a memory in our minds. As long as the object is available, the memory can be reactivated. But once the object is gone, the memory may be irretrievably lost as well.

For this project Nieuwenhuize took pictures in cities throughout Europe and Japan.
Extended Memory was on display as part of the duo exhibition Welmer Keesmaat, Johan Nieuwenhuize at JCA De Kok in The Hague, from September 30st till October 9th 2016.