Commissioned byStroom Den Haag
Role Artist
Output Exhibition
Size200 x 320 cm

In times of corona is a multi platform, multi-disciplinary collaborative project which combines photography, art, design and data science. With the project Johan Nieuwenhuize explores public space in his home city of The Hague, next to the online space of social media.

With his highly detailed images he focusses on ways the general public and businesses deal with the pandemic in general and with social distancing in particular. Parallel to his photography he collects #corona images posted on Instagram by the worldwide online community.

The artificial intelligence installation of the project shows combinations of pictures from Nieuwenhuize’s database with images posted on Instagram. An algorithm gathers #corona images posted on the social media platform, live and continuously, while an automatic filtering algorithm makes new combinations of images from the database with images made by the artist.
In the book  combinations of the two perspectives are being made manually, by designer Welmer Keesmaat.

With in times of corona a new narrative emerges, a dialogue between the local perspective of the artist and personal visual stories from a wide range of people from various countries and with different cultural backgrounds.