Thijs Ebbe Fokkens – Pushing a wave, part IV


Commissioned byThijs Ebbe Fokkens
Role Photographer
Output Photoseries

Thijs Ebbe Fokkens (Groningen, 1981, lives and works in The Hague) is inspired by different philosophical questions. Behind his somewhat theatrical installations lies a world of questions and ideas, which he tries to convey to the viewer. The idea of time usually plays an important role. He himself sees his installations as expressions of the idea of “archaeology of the future”. By this he refers to the fact that they are often reminiscent of archaeological sites, while at the same time they are intended to make the visitor think about future time.

For Into Nature, Fokkens has translated this interest into the installation “Pushing a wave, part IV”. In the installatin the visitor is invited to take an active role. An act of their own invites them to reflect on the sense of loss and the need to let go. From this also comes the question of whether it is possible to start again with a clean slate. In this sense, the work indicates a way to still face the future with hope.

Since 2010 Thijs Ebbe Fokkens asks Johan Nieuwenhuize to photograph and film his work.

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