Last Sunday our first shoot of the new OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE project ORANDA LOCI took place.

Theme of this part of the project is badminton, one of the things brought to Japan by the Dutch during the time of the trading post Dejima, between 1641 and 1859. On a rooftop of a grocery store in Ukiha me and Shinji Otani photographed twins.

Since our new project ORANDA LOCI is about the Genius Loci, the spirit of a place, location is a vital element of it. For our pictures we are scouting locations in the cultural and natural landscape of Kyushu.

Mondriaan Fund grants my application for a Werkbijdrage Bewezen Talent (working grant proven talent). The next four years using this grant I will delve deeper into the relation between photography and the memory .

Two projects I am working on now are OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE with photographer Shinji Otani and Extended Memory with neuro psychologist Robin van Emden. Picture: Robin van Emden during a working visit in studio.