MIS DIS MAL is an exploration of the former embassy of the United States of America in The Hague, the Netherlands, a building from 1959 by Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer.

“The building was designed by the well-known Hungarian-American architect Marcel Breuer. The building, which was inaugurated in 1959 plays an important role in Breuer’s oeuvre because it is one of the first large buildings he has completed. At the same time, the special window / façade construction makes the building as special as the MET-Breuer museum in New York. The national monument is an icon of reconstruction after the Second World War and a symbol for “Pax Americana”. At the same time, the building is an important monument for perhaps the most influential cultural movement of the 20th century: Bauhaus. An institution that introduced a pioneering new vision of bringing together various art disciplines and technology from 1919 to 1933.” (from www.onzeambassade.nl see also: www.westdenhaag.nl)

We live in a time of so called information disorder (see also this paper by Claire Wardle). A time where mis-, dis- and malinformation, subjects – commonly known as fake news – play a large role in different layers of society.
It is interesting to see how, already in 1959, the ideas of the Bauhaus and Marcel Breuer were used to function as a front for the foreign policy of the United States. One could argue the building itself was an early case of disinformation.

This collection of photographs is raw material for an installation and publication that are currently being developed.