Yet every now and then we take the time to choose which perceptions make it through the filters of our short-time memory. We give ourselves the opportunity to associate freely, switching the pathways in our brain from a bottom-up to a top-down configuration.
At these moments we take command of our selves – building memories, creating stories, recreating ourselves. And it is in these moments the work of Johan Nieuwenhuize comes into its own. Each of his photographs from IMG_ is a carefully preconceived vessel containing a moment, a detail, a shard of memory, an image for you to latch on to. An invitation to associate. Not in isolation, but each in relation to the other, to you, to him. Offering combinations and recombinations of images, inspired by the famous Kuleshov experiment. This experiment, conceived by Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in the 1920s, demonstrates that when you are shown a film that alternates between an expressionless face and either a plate of soup, a baby in a coffin or a woman on a divan, you cannot help but project memories of stories and emotions past into your interpretation of the inexpressive face before you now.

Excerpt from Reimaginations. Robin van Emden, IMG_, Kehrer Verlag, 2014