Ringland is an initiative for cleaner air in Antwerp. The Ringland project is a 6 billion euro investment which proposes a large-scale sustainable urban development focussing on a complete redesign of the highway system in the city of Antwerp. Extraordinarily, the research underlying this complex infrastructure project has been entirely organized by local citizens in bottom-up fashion. Detailed research studies, executed by external academics, are financed through crowdfunding and subsequently presented to the government. The Ringland project hence pioneers a new kind of societal interaction between citizens, scientists and policy makers.

This sunday the beneficial exhibition and auction  A City is not a Road takes place at auction house Bernaerts, Antwerpen.
100 International artists offered work for the project. From my project IMG_ two works will be auctioned. The exhibition is on display from May 19th until May 22nd.
More information here.

Artist Liesbeth Labeur sent me this photoseries of the opening of “Van Zeeuwse Bodem” at CBK Zeeland, Middelburg last Sunday. The exhibition is on display until January 22nd 2016. www.cbkzeeland.nl

“Vandaag opende in Middelburg de tentoonstelling ‘Van Zeeuwse bodem’, een
selectie uit 10 jaar Zeeuwse Lichting.
Een sympathiek initiatief van CBK Zeeland, want een leuk weerzien met
collega’s die de provincie verlieten en hun huidige werk”



3Maartje Korstanje and Thom Schaar (curator of the exhibition)


5Dennis Wisse (detail)

6Sjoerd Vroonland and Charlotte Apers

7Charlotte Apers (detail)

8Sjoerd Vroonland (r.)




IMG_ by Johan Nieuwenhuize

12IMG_ (detail) Johan Nieuwenhuize

13Maartje Korstanje and Johan Nieuwenhuize

14Special edition of het Zeeuws Tijdschrift functions as catalogue

15Gino Anthonisse

16Rens de Waal

17Rens de Waal

Last week I built up the exhibition at Tique art space. I made a selection from approximately 30 works. The show contains few older works, but mostly new ones I made especially for this exhibition. Get a preview below. (above: with curator / artist Welmer Keesmaat at Tique)

IMG_2366Unwrapping the work


The flyer left with previous work and the invitation right with new work from IMG_IMG_2358



Part of the new edit with few previous works and new ones  IMG_2368


Two special editions I made for this exhibition. New works from IMG_, c-print on aluminium, edition of 25, €250,00   IMG_2357

Here will be new site specific work of Karolien Chromiak

Today I met Karolien Chromiak in her Antwerp studio to speak about our upcoming exhibition in Tique art space. I will show brand new works from IMG_, she will show installation works using photography and moving image as her basic material.


In the meanwhile I am working on my own new works in my studio in The Hague. Some of these images were made earlier in Antwerp, Rotterdam and The Hague.




It is great to exchange ideas with fellow artists. Today artist Berndnaut Smilde visited my studio to speak about rainbows, cities and postcards. Among some other things.

IMG_9233 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_9234 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

After shows with IMG_ in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Budapest and Glasgow my work will be shown in Belgium for the first time. September 10th a duo show with Karolien Chromiak will open at Tique art space. At the moment I am working on new works especially for this show. Here you can find a few sketches. It is not clear yet which ones will be added to the project, but some of them will definitively be part of it.

IMG_8370 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8343 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8326 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8325 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize


IMG_8323 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8319 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8318 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8316 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8309 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8267 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8268 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8274 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8293 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize IMG_8298 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8264 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8263 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8250 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8244 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8229 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8231 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8236 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8238 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8240 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8219 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize

IMG_8203 ©2015 Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize


Last April I was interviewed at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow by ‘the Skinny’ about what makes my art practice special for a buyer to engage in. Malcolm Dickson explains about his experiences at Street Level Photoworks, artists Alex Boyd and Alex Hamilton also explain about their practice, and art collector Eleanor Yule describes about her encounters with photography.

See it here: http://www.streetlevelphotoworks.org/article/slp-print-sales-feature-by-the-skinny

A report about the IMG_ book presentation and exhibition at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow was published on trendbeheer.com. An addition about the exhibition and book presentation at Fotomuseum Den Haag was added just now. www.trendbeheer.com

This Sunday the art program Avro Kunstuur, on Dutch national TV, contains a short item about the two works from IMG_ which I donated for the Cordaid auction. Avro Kunstuur, April 6th, Nederland 2, 18:50

more info / make a bid


Digital c-print on aluminium
Edition of 3+2 a.p.


Digital c-print on aluminium
Edition of 3+2 a.p.

Last week Art Rotterdam gave a boost to the crowdfunding of my new book IMG_. It is now financed for 81,24%. Sybren Kuiper is finishing the design now and friday it will go to the printer, Geers Offset in Gent, Belgium. On the photo the first dummy of the book, to get an idea of the size of it.

Today I am making prints at Fotolab Amsterdam for the IMG_ exhibition at Street Level Photoworks. We are also making reference prints for the IMG_ book.


Today I signed small works from IMG_ for new Shareholders of my book. The crowdfunding is on 29.49% now.


In Low Tech TV I show you my way of working.
This is episode #1: new works arrive in the studio from Dekla, Hoofddorp where the prints, by Fotolab, Amsterdam, are being mounted on aluminium. These are few of the small sized works, belonging to Share #2 of my new book.