New project COLOUR coming up.

This is a portrait of me in my studio today. Behind the scenes I’m working on my new project COLOUR, about skin color and the… Read More

New Framed Teylers Works

Goedman Lijstenmakers framed works from the Teylers exhibition. Read More

Teylers Museum adds 29 works to the collection

Last summer I visited Teylers Museum with a large stack of prints, all the images from my exhibition Pieter Teylers Huis. Read More

Testtool Pieter Teylers Huis

For my new artist book for Teylers Museum, we ask the public to categorize the photos in the database I created the past Read More

Volkskrant article on Pieter Teylers Huis

The assigned artwork Pieter Teylers Huis for Teylers Museum is going full steam ahead. We are working Read More

in times of corona. New installation video, STROOM DEN HAAG, October 2020

This is a video of my artificial intelligence installation in times of corona  Read More

in times of corona – preview #4

Preview of a spread from IN TIMES OF CORONA. Read More

New video work: Force Fit – Hans Rosling

Force Fit. After Hans Rosling. Text freely after Read More


In 2015 I started to collaborate with Shinji Otani. As artist duo OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE we are now working on a… Read More

Jelle Bouwhuis in conversation with Johan Nieuwenhuize

Video report of the artist talk about the permanent installation work The Bubble. Curator, writer and researcher Jelle Bouwhuis talks with artist Johan Nieuwenhuize. Read More

Jelle Bouwhuis over The Bubble (Dutch)

Johan Nieuwenhuize – The Bubble Door Jelle Bouwhuis   “Technologische ontwikkelingen en de impact ervan op de samenleving worden een steeds belangrijker element in mijn werk. Read More

Jelle Bouwhuis on The Bubble

Johan Nieuwenhuize – The Bubble By Jelle Bouwhuis “Technological developments and their impact on society are becoming an increasingly important element of my work. How filter bubbles make our online world smaller contrasts sharply with the uninhibited positive ideas about freedom and democracy from the early days of the Internet.” Read More

Bubble in progress

Although the work has been installed now, there is still some programming and tweaking to do. Mwee Design has done a perfect job installing the… Read More

The Bubble – work in progress

We have been working hard for over half a year. Photographing, programming, researching, testing. Now the work is almost finished and tomorrow the algorithmic work… Read More

New editions available

The new installation work Eerst zien dan geloven was a success. The evening opening on Thursday June 8th was sold out, as well as the… Read More

New publication presented

The beautiful new publication Eerst zien dan geloven, designed by renowned designer -SYB-, will be presented today. This publication is to be distributed for free… Read More

Collected Memory at Fries Museum

In the beginning of 2016 the Fries Museum acquired two works from the project Collected Memory. Sky over Mediapark, Hilversum. May 6th, 2010 18:04… Read More

New work Collected Memory

In november last year I made a photo of the sky over concert hall Bataclan in Paris for my ongoing project Collected Memory. “Though never… Read More


Japanese photographer Shinji Otani and myself are working on a new collaborative project. We recognise a similar state of mind in each other’s… Read More

Work in progress Antwerp

Today I met Karolien Chromiak in her Antwerp studio to speak about our upcoming exhibition in Tique art space. I will show brand new works… Read More

Sketches for the ongoing IMG_

After shows with IMG_ in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Budapest and Glasgow my work will be shown in Belgium for the first time. September 10th… Read More

Summerhall TV interview for Art in Scotland

An interview by Summerhall TV for Art in Scotland, recorded in the exhibition at Street Level Photoworks.… Read More

IMG_ on national TV

This Sunday the art program Avro Kunstuur, on Dutch national TV, contains a short item about the two works from IMG_ which I donated for the… Read More

The first small book of IMG_ by Contentement has been added to the Indie Photobook Library. Design… Read More

RTV Rijnmond interview at Art Rotterdam

Yesterday I was interviewed by RTV Rijnmond in the stand of Van Kranendonk Gallery at Art Rotterdam. Photo: Jurriaan van Kranendonk… Read More

Making new work in Lockerbie

    Last year I traveled to Utøya, Norway. On July 22nd at 17:22 I took a picture of the sky over the Island of… Read More